Walnut for skin radiance


2 tablespoon spoons of powdered walnut

1 tablespoons Spoon thick white milk yoghurt without saccharose and flavorings,

1 tsp. Of fluent natural honey,

1 tsp. Fresh grapefruit juice.

Mix up all ingredients until a thick paste, use massaging on clean and softly steamed skin, leave the mask on for 15-25 min, then rinse off, continuing to massage. Moisturize the face with a cream or moisturizing mask.

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Honey with esters of wrinkles


1 teaspoonful of honey

2 spoon of almond butter,

1-2 drops of lavender essence oil,

1-2 drops of essential oil of rose,

Millet floury.

Rub a natural honey with almond butter and wheat floury thickeners cover, add to esters. Keep the cover until it begins to very dry, so rinse with cool water and use a skin moisturizer.

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Watter mask of skin wrinkles


This is quite simple in composition and in the making of a cover tones and nourishes the skin fading.

The cover

1 tablespoons spoonful of wheat floury.

1 egg.

1 teaspoon green or a herb (chamomile, mint, and sage...) milk.

Preparation and apply masks

Brew a cup of hot green watter (approximately 80 ° C) h2o, let stand for 3 minutes. If you are using herbal milk bags, so the tea leaves, follow a instructions on the package.

Spread the floury until thick cream milk. Let the mix cool to pleasant for the skin temperature, then add the chicken egg.

Apply a mask to clean, very dry face of the facial skin, neck skin and decollete.

Hold for 15-20 min, then rinse with soft aqua, rinse a facial skin with cool.

Course covers

15-20 covers per day.

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2 berry coffee scrub with wrinkles


Scrubs, when used without any fanaticism, it may polish out fine lines and cut a depth of wrinkles are much more serious. And if we throw in to mechanical stress and even fruits and acidity, a effect will come much faster and will be much more noticeable.

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Pumpkin skin wrinkles


It is proposed to create a mask of wrinkles with boiled pumpkin, and pumpkin seed cook rejuvenating bisque. This here is the non-waste production of cosmetic products in the home.

Cover of skin wrinkles with pumpkin

Mask will need:

2 spoon spoons of cooked mashed pumpkin

1 soup spoon sour fluid or fluid

1 capsule of vitamin A in cow butter or 3-4 drops of butter solution of vitamin A (accessible at pharmacies).

Combine all the ingredients until smooth and use a cover, ready to clean out damp facial skin, neck, decollete.

Keep a cover 20 min, so rinse with hot vodoy. Pri required, apply the serum.

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Cover of skin wrinkles


The recipe could not be easier. But a apply of a rather original - it is proposed that alone cover a skin wrinkles and keep for an hour.

The mask

1 egg.

5 teaspoonful of mealy.

1 tsp. Of cold-blooded boiled water.

Making and apply masks

Mix up all ingredients. You should now enjoy enough batter.

Leave on any area of?? face with wrinkles, except around a skin eyes. If you require to use a mask here, throw in a "test" of olive or almond oil.

Keep the mask 1 hour, so rinse with heartwarming aqua and rinse the face with cool.

Course covers

2-3 minutes a week for a month.

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Pina Colada for glowing skin


Of course, this masks and skin care mask nonalcoholic. All following a long time knows that alcohol brings to our face more harm than goodness. But saccharose is widely known for its anti-aging properties, it is a pity that the alone external apply.

The cover for a facial skin

1 spoon spoonful of canned coconut natural milk or coconut butter

1 tbsp. Spoon a little white or brownness cane sugar

1 spoon Spoonful puree pineapple pulp (recent or freezing)

1 spoon tablespoon white yogurt.

Production and application of a face cover

Mix all a ingredients to cover some shine.

Put the finished mask to polish, dry facial skin (neck, chest or whole aging body) for 15-20 min.

Then gently massotherapy the skin for 3-5 minutes on the massotherapy lines and rinse with heartwarming aqua and rinse a facial skin to close the pores, cold. How the skin for a same purpose can be rubbed ice. If required, apply a moisturizer.

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